Oct 03 2012

Cheat Database

Category: Cheat Updates,General[JAPS]Akensai @ 7:26 pm

I am currently working on the Cheat Database to fix the Malware warning in Chrome. Google decided to mark it as bad due to the sourcecode we are hosting. Silly Google, needs a dickslap.

It should be completely fixed shortly.

Despite moving everything to it’s own .rar files Google still maintains that the Source Code that we host is malware… I assure you it is not. Feel free to scan files before downloading.

Aug 28 2012

CS:GO Hacks Coming Soon.

Category: General[JAPS]General-Jap @ 12:50 am

We should have some nice public CS:GO and maybe COD:MW3 hacks out soon, also we will have VIP or private versions of it available for subscription. All the active old skool [JAPS] feel free to come to IRC, i am currently setting up an ircd but for now the irc.japsclan.com dns is directed to austnet.

Dec 30 2011

IRC Up Soon

Category: General[JAPS]General-Jap @ 12:41 am

Akensai has offered to donate an ircd on his dedicated server, i have asked him to set 1 up so it shouldn’t be too long before IRC server is up and all the inactive and active members can show up, also we will finally be expanding into mmo games as i have 1 programmer aboard who can programme these types of cheats.

Dec 15 2011

New IRC Coming.

Category: General[JAPS]General-Jap @ 4:34 pm

Hi everyone im back again :D i will have a new IRC server up by the end of next week, not sure what hosting to use as yet but it would be good to see all the active and inactive [JAPS] make an appearance.

Edit: Akensai cannot run IRC without getting yelled at by data center.

Dec 08 2011

Site Moved

Category: General[JAPS]Akensai @ 6:45 pm

Big news to anyone who still lends an ear!

The Japsclan site has been moved to a dedicated server located in Tampa, Florida. So, why is this big news? This dedicated is on a standalone 100mbit line, that’s right all 100mbit just for the server.

Server Specs:
CPU: Dual Core 3.2ghz
RAM: 4gb
HDD: 1tb 10,000rpm 128mb cache

This server is just for webhostning, as such it has been optimized like a beast, notice how fast the site loaded? Yeah that good. Enjoy.

Aug 26 2011

Counter-Strike Weekend

Category: General[JAPS]Avenging-Angel @ 8:29 pm

For all your noobs who don’t have CSS/1.6 you can get them 75% off as part of Steams weekend deal.

Aug 20 2011

New Programmers

Category: General[JAPS]General-Jap @ 11:33 pm

I have recruited a software developer who is currently studying for a bachelor of computer science at the UTS ( University of Technology Sydney), he is profficient with all programming languages including C++ and ASM.
Once he familiarises himself with the cheat making scene he will be producing top quality FREE and PRIVATE cheats for public use.

Aug 20 2011

IRC Channel

Category: General[JAPS]General-Jap @ 11:31 pm

Our IRC channel is back up, currently it is redirected to austnet for now. Connect via the irc.japsclan.com server and join #japs.

Jul 15 2011


Category: General,IRC Updates[JAPS]Avenging-Angel @ 9:29 pm

Members should use forums now that IRC is down, hopefully we can have IRC back by the end of the month?

Jul 10 2011

IRC down

Category: IRC Updates[JAPS]DarkSider @ 1:01 am

The IRC will be down for a little while until we switch to another host. We didn’t die; but that’s what’s going on for now. If you have any questions or wanna sponsor an ircd, message me or akensai.

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